Here are some links of notable articles and posts from the week:

This Life Matters: An interesting discussion from James McGrath on the dangers of our overemphasized interest in the afterlife.

What ever happened to doomsday 2011? Harold Camping apologizes in an open letter to the Family Radio Family referring to his predictions as “incorrect and sinful.”

When religion and sports collide, there are always interesting stories to be told:

This week FIFA agreed to test a special hijab for female players – shared by Omar Sacirbey.

Last week, an Orthodox Jewish school in Texas was successful in getting a playoff game rescheduled to allow for their observance of Shabbat, but they had to threaten a lawsuit even though the league doesn’t permit Sunday games out of respect for Christian players. From Eric Marrapodi

How does the story of Esther relate to the Iran-Israel conflict? Stephen Prothero comments on a gift given to Obama by Israeli Prime Minister. “Being president is stressful. Even the presents you receive can turn your hair gray.”

A few quality responses to Rush Limbaugh’s hate speech directed toward Sandra Fluke:

Rush Limbaugh and Three Evangelical Blindspots: It’s so disapointing to see so many Christians continue to defend and support him, and Rachel Held Evans discusses motives behind his support.

The Bible Lessons Rush Limbaugh Must Have Missed takes a different approach by looking at how his comments reflect on his character and Christianity. From Valerie Elverton Dixon.