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Redefining Jihad

Redefining Jihad

We have a way of organizing our experiences, memories and thoughts that produce some pretty prejudiced outcomes. It prevents us from listening to what someone has to say when we disagree. It prevents us from treating people as individuals with dignity and respect. It...

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God is a Mystery

While talking with the Dalai Lama, Desmond Tutu commented on the greatness of God, saying, "The glory of God is a mystery." In a world where lives, families, communities and nations have been built upon our knowledge of God, where this information determines our...

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Bradley CB

Bradley is the Pastor at Open Door Church in Vancouver, BC. He’s engaged in his community as a theological practice of living and expressing God’s love. He’s a self-proclaimed thinker, feminist, progressive, and his own personal comedian.

Teaki-Links: Notable Articles from this Week

Here are some links of notable articles and posts from the week: This Life Matters: An interesting discussion from James McGrath on the dangers of our overemphasized interest in the afterlife. What ever happened to doomsday 2011? Harold Camping apologizes in an open...

Pastor Seeking Pastoral Advice

When I began applying for ministry positions last year, I sent every potential church my resume accompanied by my wife's resume. Primarily, I wanted to be clear that my vision for ministry is a partnership, that she brings unique experience and value aside from me,...

A Week in Review

Here are some interesting reads that I found valuable throughout the week... Potential for radical change in treatment of women: Training Afghani Imams to End Violence Against Women by Daisy Khan and Fazeela Siddiqui Craziest religious story that hit the news: Anne...

Religious-Political Rhetoric: Where’s the line?

Religious-Political Rhetoric: Where’s the line?

The religious rhetoric seems to be at an all time high in the political campaigns of Republican presidential hopefuls, and interestingly, there is no evangelical to be found. Rick Santorum, however, is filling in quite well. Last weekend Santorum made a media splash...